Ingress Report – Aegis Nova Second Round Recap – July 02 2016

Susanna Moyer reports from on the ground in San Diego on a dramatic day filled with major victories for the Enlightened as the Factions collide for the second day of Aegis Nova Anomalies.

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Susanna’s Mission

A message has surfaced from Susanna Moyer. She seems to have received some help from an unexpected source… and her mission remains clear in her mind…

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Hank and ADA

Hank and ADA

I guess Hank Johnson wasn’t too happy about that conversation I just posted. He hopped on Google+ pretty fast to issue a clarification (if not a rebuttal). As to whether or not he’s being sincere. Well… you be the judge.

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Chapter Endings

A conversation between the Acolyte and Hank Johnson reveals the Enlightened leader’s plans for ADA and the Aegis Nova Tokyo Anomaly.

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A letter from Jahan

I received a copy of this letter from Jahan to members of her Faction. She fears that the Acolyte will use the Anomaly in Tokyo to launch a major strike against ADA.

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Akira Tsukasa Spotted near NL-PRIME Test Facility

It’s pretty clear to me that Akira Tsukasa is on her way to being one of the most influential researchers in the world of Ingress. Reports suggest she’ll be on the ground at the Tokyo Aegis Nova Anomaly. I suspect we’ll learn much more about her as her influence begins to spread.

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PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: June 26, 2016

Much of last week centered around Jahan’s goals for the second set of Aegis Nova Anomalies on June 25th, but in the end, those plans were dust. The Enlightened claimed the June 25th Anomalies by a large margin, and now Jahan’s only hope is to prevent the Enlightened from using the Tokyo XM Anomaly to launch their attack against the AI. With no weapon to use against Jarvis, the most she can hope for is to succeed on defensive grounds.

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Ingress Anomaly Live Stream: San Diego

In case you haven’t already tuned in, be sure to check out the Ingress Anomaly Live Stream… it’s happening right now.

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The Attack on Jarvis

The June 25th Anomalies have begun. I wanted to take a minute to talk about what each Faction is fighting for today.

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ADA's Odd Behavior

ADA’s Odd Behavior

I received a call from a most unexpected source. The news he shared was worrying. I transcribed a portion of our conversation. Read it and you’ll see what’s troubling me.

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