PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: June 12, 2016

We’re about two weeks out from the next Aegis Nova Anomalies, and a clearer picture of what’s at stake is beginning to emerge. Learn more in my Weekly Wrap-up.

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Obsidius Fragment: A Long Journey Ahead

Saw this emerge in a private group. My sources tell me that Resistance Agents Bent Stinessen and mmqlz helped recover this from a Portal at a runestone in Norway.

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An Etched Image

A clue from an anonymous source. I suspect it leads to more information about the ancient Sensitive known as Obsidius.

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Brooklyn: The Suspects

Who was behind the boat near Brooklyn during the last Aegis Nova Anomaly? In this leaked transcript, IQTech’s Avril Lorazon confronts Hulong Transglobal’s Yuen Ni with suspicions that the Asian XM corporation may have been behind what unfolded in Brooklyn. However, based on her response, it seems the true culprit may be someone else.

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Hank: The Aegis Nova Conflict

Hank Johnson discovers a lost Obsidius fragment, and shares his current thinking on the Aegis Nova conflict.

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Susanna’s Visit with Nigel

Susanna Moyer shares the details of her visit with Nigel Moyer.

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NL-PRIME revealed

NL-PRIME revealed

A source just sent these documents my way… it appears that an XM research group in Japan (if I had to guess, it would be IQTech-East) has been working with Willer Travel on a project called NL-PRIME.

Based on their research, it seems NL-PRIME is a hyper-saturated mobile XM environment that can be used to identify ‘extraordinary’ sensitives for future recruitment. The feats these sensitives seem able to perform are remarkable. Read on for the details.

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PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: June 5, 2016

I’ve spend most of this past week trying to follow up on the repercussions of the Enlightened victory at the first Aegis Nova Anomalies. What we knew going in was that the Acolyte wanted to use the XM energy generated by an Enlightened win to launch a plan against ADA. Jarvis was going to reach into Klue’s mind and find subconscious patterns left there by the AI. Those patterns, in theory, could be used to discover ADA’s weaknesses and develop an attack against her. Based on a few different pieces of information we found this week, it seems the plan was a success.

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Body found in Brooklyn

Someone interested in the Investigation sent this my way. It’s possible it could be connected to recent events, but I’m not sure yet… too early to tell. Let’s keep an eye on this for now, hopefully more details will emerge.

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INGRESS REPORT - Enlightened Lead Aegis Nova - June 03 2016

INGRESS REPORT – Enlightened Lead Aegis Nova – June 03 2016

From Brooklyn, Susanna reports on the first round of Aegis Nova Anomalies, where the Enlightened claimed overall victory.

Agents on the ground in Tainan, Rotterdam and Brooklyn share their tales of glory in a day marked by fierce contests and surprise upsets.

Don’t miss this exciting look behind the scenes of the latest Ingress XM Anomalies.

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