Acolyte's Compound Attacked?

Acolyte’s Compound Attacked?

This is developing. A source sent this 911 dispatch log to me. A hiker in Northern California called in to report gunfire and a possible explosion in an area that’s associated with the Enlightened Compound.

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PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: April 24, 2016

How do we interpret this past week? One way is to see it as empowering. An alternate view would be that we are being pulled and pushed by larger forces at work. I don’t think we have the answer yet, but we will if we stay ahead of things.

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Where Ideas Come From

There’s a rabbit-hole here. It goes deep, and it leads to an interesting (perhaps even an uncomfortable) question. Are you willing to dive in?

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The Eruption of Vesuvius

Obsidius returns to Pompeii only to find the city lost to a massive and tragic disaster. The question is: Was this somehow connected to the conspiracy surrounding the 13 Obsidian Arrowheads? And if so… how?

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Change the Universe

Change the Universe

The thing about Oliver Lynton-Wolfe that we have to remember is that his thirst for knowledge is complete… unquenchable. His intellectual curiosity is almost an addiction. It’s gotten him into trouble in the past…

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#IngressPortalSurvey ends. ‘A huge success,’ according to OLW.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s #IngressPortalSurvey has come to an end, and he and ADA have begun to analyze the results. He predicts that they will be able to return some XM to the Portals in the very near future. Just in time, it seems, as he reports that the Power Cube stockpile he was able to release some weeks ago has begun to run out.

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The Might of the Gods

In a final desperate attempt to stop the Vesuvian Magnus, Obsidius reached out to his leader, Titus. In the aftermath of the Obsidian Anomalies, we can understand what the consequences of their actions might have been, but there’s more to uncover here.

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#IngressPortalSurvey: Experiment Concludes on Wednesday

An update from Oliver Lynton-Wolfe on the #IngressPortalSurvey experiment. He intends to continue to gather data until the end of Wednesday. I mentioned yesterday that I was in awe of how fervently Agents around the world have contributed to this experiment. It seems OLW shares many of my sentiments.

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PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: April 17, 2016

I’m overwhelmed by the activity I’ve seen over the past day as #IngressPortalSurvey results have emerged worldwide. If last week was all about getting our feet back under us, and exploring different ways of responding to the XM drought, this week showed what happens when Agents everywhere take off running… gathering information and testing new opportunities and possibilities for collaboration… determined to forge ahead.

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OLW's Global Portal Survey

OLW’s Global Portal Survey

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe has begun a new stage in his research to cure the XM drought, and as he promised in his message some days ago, he will need help from Agents around the world. In short, he is trying to survey the effect certain Glyphs have on Portals around the world, and is going to be relying on Agents to help conduct these tests. Read his full message for the details.

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